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Kamloops, British Columbia - Welcome to MY world!

I’ll tell you about the lovely city that I live in.  SO disappointed when I went on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree site – which is awesome!!!  BUT, there are people out there who haven’t a clue about MY town, Kamloops, BC.  A lot of dissing was going on (Kamloops is just a dusty old town – don’t know why anyone would go there…) and all votes in favor of Kelowna other than a resident’s post, haha.  But they’re ALL wrong.  I LOVE Kamloops.  It’s a little piece of desert in the south-central part of the very diverse landscape of BC, full of grasslands and colors like indigo and gold and ochre.  The people are incredibly warm and friendly, and fun….crazy fun (even though the craziest one left recently) well, all the friends I know are anyways.   I can’t talk about the mountain biking altho I hear we’re one of the best areas in the WORLD for this.  I personally am into kayaking and love my river.  My 3 rivers actually.  The North Thompson and South Thompson which flow into the Thompson, all of which I can play in just outside my door.  Pero, basta por hoy (But, enough for today) – I’m learning Spanish so you will too if you are reading my blog – which, only if you’re my mother at this point, you’re doing.  Regard the photo to see a little slice of my Kamloops.  Go to Kelowna, I’ll get over it, but don’t say I didn’t tell you how nice Kamloops is!

Kamloops' landscape courtesy of Bonnie Pryce


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