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Are we ever going to be able to travel again?  We sure are...and soon, I hope.  As 2021 progresses, provincial restrictions for local travel should lessen as First Nation communities, Health Care Workers and the most vulnerable are vaccinated.  For those of you in British Colombia (my province), check out BC’s Immunization Plan.











As I said in my Blog:  COVID Facts At Your Fingers, I’ve sure been thinking about travelling again.  And I’m sure many of you have been as well. 


I've put together this handy guide to many globally-relevant links to COVID websites.  Though this 'At-A-Glance'R is somewhat focused on travelling in British Columbia (my own province), it is very helpful for travellers outside of BC.  Double click on this PDF to get the COVID At-A-Glance'R.


  • Keep it relevant.  Learn the words and phrases that will help you have conversations, ask questions about stuff you’re interested in, deal with emergencies, and get you what you need (food, accommodation & transportation). 

    • Use this Spanish Phrase List to learn the words and phrases that will get you speaking with locals quickly and painlessly.


  • Set aside and commit to a regular 30-minute time slot each day (or whatever time you want to or can invest) to study and find innovative ways to supplement that scheduled learning time. 

  • Be creative when you’re learning a new word or phrase.  Learn about how I use mnemonic tools in my Blog in the link below.

  • Talk, talk, talk.  Find a language exchange Partner at The Mixxer (  Don't be afraid.  Check out my first Russian zoom conversation in the Blog link below.

    Check out my full Blog - Prepare To Travel Again - Learn A New Language Quickly!


    Happy 2021 and Happy Learning!


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