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About Me

Hello!  Thanks for connecting!  My name is Caryn Stroh, and...well, briefly...I am a woman immersed in a lengthy love affair with travel.  At age 23, I hitchhiked alone through Europe, Australia and New Zealand for two years, and haven’t stopped travelling since.  I prefer a backpack to a suitcase, a hostel or homestay to a 5-star hotel, and a lengthy budget-conscious trip to a short luxury one. 
After my 2-year journey through Europe, Australia and New Zealand, I came home, got married, and had two babies.  I moved to Kamloops, a mid-sized city in the semi-arid interior of British Columbia and went back to school at age 35.  
My two babies are now grown up and have backpacked with me for extended periods of time.  Both have inherited my travel bug.  I did my last solo trip in 2016, after which, I met Aaron who loves travelling as much as I do.  We plan to explore the world together until we can't.  
I read voraciously in many genres and have filled many journals with tales of my travels. After my 2016 trip, I decided I wanted to write a book. Its draft title is 'Evolution of a Vagabond.' If you'd like to know more about it go to my 'Books' page.  

Thanks for visiting! :)  

My Babies


Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia



Me and Mi Amor


Mount FitzRoy, Patagonia

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