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In my mid-50s but backpacking solo through South America like I’m still 23.  Still taking chicken buses, and sleeping in budget hostels or when I’m very lucky, couchsurfing with locals.  Yep, still making bad decisions too.  Wouldn’t do it any other way.


So... an UPDATE (as of November 2022)...


Writing a book's a lot tougher than I thought!  My old goal of having this book published in 2 years has been waaaay extended to 7 years.  Pleeez...Stick with me. Encourage me. Kick me in the butt if you don't see any new updates on my Newsletter.


I found out quickly that writing about my adventures wasn't enough.  Apparently, according to all the real writers I've been following, readers will  want to know what drove me to travel solo, for a year through South America, what I was looking for, why it was tough to find what I was looking for, and how my adventures helped and hindered me on my path. In other words, my 'INNER JOURNEY.'


It's been a lot of work, a ton of brainstorming through this muddled mind of mine to figure out what that inner journey, but so rewarding at the same time. And I think my book is going to be so much better for it. I guess I'll find out. One day, haha.

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Under Construction.  Come back later!

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