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In my mid-50s but backpacking solo through South America like I’m still 23.  Still taking chicken buses, and sleeping in budget hostels or when I’m very lucky, couchsurfing with locals.  Yep, still making bad decisions too.  Haven't wanted to do it any other way. Until now.  Those stinky hostels filled with teenagers aren't as appealing as they used to be. 


So... an UPDATE (as of March 2023)...


Writing a book's a lot tougher than I thought!  My old goal of having this book published in 2 years has been waaaay extended to 7 years. 


I found out quickly that writing about my adventures isn't enough.  Why did I go travelling on my own at age 54 in the first place? What drove me? You don't just want to know the good stuff, the fun stuff. You, my reader want to hear about the not-so-great times.


So, that's why my book's taking me longer than I'd thought. I think, no, I know that the expanded version will resonate with you. Yes, of course you want to read about the beautiful places that can be found in South America, the adventures to be had there. But perhaps you, too, are an older traveller, no longer that appealing young thing that boys and girls, both, flocked to when you began travelling. A traveller who finds her or himself alone more than not. Maybe you've found it harder than it used to be to stay in stinky dorm rooms and take crowded, exhaust-belching chicken buses. Maybe you're starting to look longingly at the crowds in the higher-end restaurants around the plazas, wishing you were that kind of traveller every once in awhile. Maybe you'll find some comfort in my stories about those getting-older challenges. Laugh and realize that you're not the only one who's struggling, trying to find another path. Maybe my story is your story.

It's been a great journey as I explore the challenges I've faced as I've grown older. I hope that when I finish this book, find an agent, and (oh please, please, please), publish it, you'll enjoy sharing that journey with me.

Marble Surface


Tiny, Beautiful Things - Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed

I loved, loved, loved this book. I'd read her first memoir, Wild, and loved it, and found this by accident on a shelf in a Mexican hostel. So glad I did. A true story, Cheryl takes on the role of 'Sugar,' a columnist who, with the greatest empathy, wisdom and humour, answers letters. Letters from: a young gay man whose parents think his homosexuality is a disease; a woman whose love has cheated on her; a young girl whose father has left her mother and her for a younger woman. This book is going on my 'keep forever' shelf.

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